Champagne Papi & Adderall Dreams

Carla, 21, California
only the essentials

“In pornography, even “soft core” pornography, women are always referred to by names such as “slut” and “whore.” This is not just in the “fetish” section but is rather the everyday language of all porn. In harder core porn we are called names such as cum pigs, cum dumpsters, meat holes, cock sockets, human toilets, cunts, bitches, etc. And this is supposed to be “liberating.” Liberating for whom? The words “bitch”, “slut”, and “cunt” are often the last words a woman hears right before she is beaten, raped or killed.”

Why Men Can Dominate Women and Why They’ll Never Stop (via amazonfeminist)

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somewhere in the world daphne groeneveld is crying into her phone yelling at her agent “this was supposed to be MY comeback!”image

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Detail at Prada S/S 2015


every time i feel anxious i recall zadie smith’s words in white teeth about how no one deserves love all the time, that all we deserve is food, water, and shelter. i do not think she was calling for self-abasement but asking us to make our own way for ourselves, to expect from the world as much as we work to cull from it, and to take losses in stride as an inevitable portion of life’s offerings.

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